Insect orders in winter

When ordering live insects in winter, when the air temperature is below 0 ° C, we add a heat pack to orders so that the insects reach you as viable as possible. However, we would like to emphasize that in the cold season, due to the temperature factor, there is still a risk that insects may die during shipping. Insects are cold-blooded animals that cannot generate their own body heat and are directly dependent on the temperature of the environment, so in the cold season, freshly received insects may look lifeless. Upon receipt of the shipment, very carefully place the insects in a container for permanent storage and allow them to warm to room temperature. Usually, after 6-8 hours, insects return to a viable state. We recommend picking up the package at the terminal as soon as possible.


This website is designed for practical tips and full information on birdeater spiders and their keeping. In You will find useful suggestions: how to take care of tarantula, how to feed a bird spider, what are the differences between bird spider species and many other aspects of this hobby.

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